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Design and imagery may draw the eye, but make no mistake; the words are what keeps it there. Story-rich copy gives context, a cause, and a core identity to relate to. No matter if it's a heartfelt 'about' page for a family business or an entire photography manifesto captured in a digital storefront, the tone drives it home. 


From subject lines to headlines, opening hooks to punchy closings, there's a human behind every word, a story hidden in the details, and one inspired writer devoted to the mission. Enjoy. ☕️

The Highlights


Bloomsbury Publishing

Two book releases, Two major events, and one mission to inform, entertain, and inspire readers of all ages and backgrounds.

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A perfect example of when values, audience, and brief aligns just right for me to deliver a record-breaking sales email—and my most successful to date. 🎉


The Knot Worldwide

The in-house agency work that taught me range. The ultimate a differentiation Bootcamp in the most saturated marketing environment yet. IG has nothing on TKWW. 

Gourmet Tart Co Hamper - Keshia Sophia Photography


Gourmet Tart Co

Where it all began: an authentic company that values its employees as much as they do its customers ignited a passion that continues to this day. 

Stay Tuned 👀

More sample emails, optimised blogs, and social media content to come...👀

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