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01 The Brand Partnership

Note: This was a brand partnership under contract with Peanut App—a safe community for women navigating pregnancy, parenting, and natural life stages.

PensionBee is a technology platform that allows customers to have complete control over their pensions. Their mission is to simplify pensions so everyone can look forward to a happy retirement, enjoy financial freedom, good health and social inclusion. 

As part of their brand partnership with Peanut App, they wanted a promotional email and 3 advertorials. 

02 The Brief

PensionBee wants to make all UK savers pension confident, including female investors. They know that women may need more clarity and trust before they choose a provider for their finances. Studies have shown that this makes them better investors, and PensionBee believes they are also more committed to building a happy retirement.


The clients wants to make more women pension confident and entice more women to sign up to PensionBee. 

For the promotional email, highlight the benefit of combining pensions with PensionBee​. 

For the editorials, help women build financial literacy and educate them on the difficult topics of pensions, including maternity leave, pensions/gender pension gap, divorce, and teaching children about money. 

03 The Project Beats


Empathetic, Understanding, Supportive, Encouraging, Reassuring, Informative, Optimistic


Confident and clear messaging aimed at working women and moms and those close to retirement. 

The aim is to make women feel confident talking pensions so the language needs to be simple and relatable. 


Help Peanut users understand what their pension pot could be in retirement and how they can get there

Entice more women to sign up to PensionBee and combine their old pension pots into a new one online plan or start a self-employed one.

04 Challenges

Large Cohort 👭

PensionBee is on a mission to empower all women to become financially literate. Their target audience is women of working age all the way through retirement and beyond. 

Their targeted demographics include women who are on maternity leave, in the workforce, raising children, newly divorced, and close to retirement. 

Balancing Technical Jargon with
Relatability 📚

PensionBee strives to make pensions easier and wants women to feel competent and eager to sign up with their technology—they love Peanut's relatable brand voice. 

Still, the advertorials covered serious topics that came with a tonne of mandatory information and technical language—all of which was subject to tight revisions to ensure its inclusion. 

Multiple Products & CTAS🤹

PensionBee had a number of products, features, and benefits they wanted to include across deliverables: 

  • Keeping track of your pension balance 24/7

  • A personal bee-keeper (account manager)

  • Managing your pension online from the palm of your hand

  • Making flexible contributions in-app or online

  • Withdrawing with ease

  • Award-winning customer service 

PensionBee's overall CTA was “Be Pension Confident", and it's also the heart of their company mission. 

What unites each cohort of women is a desire for clarity around their financial health and future and a longing for trust. The angle of the promotional email was 'PensionBee can save women time in their busy schedule—no matter what life stage—to secure their financial future while they juggle demands'. 

I enlisted Peanut's signature empathetic language—supportive, judgement-free, real. The idea was to see each women where they are and give them the tools to get them where they would like to go. 

I used empowering phrases—like "take control", "big career moves", "one-woman-show"—with reassurances such as "have support" or "we see you". 

I carried the same sentiments in the advertorials. 

The results speak for themselves, with this email campaign smashing Peanut's record by achieving 20x the benchmark open rate and twice the benchmark CTR. 

The power of knowing your audience and empathising with them. 

05 Strategy

An Older Woman Bathing in. the Sea



PensionBee — Promotional Email

SL: Pension on the brain? Here’s how to take control of your financial future 💪

PensionBee Email Sample.png

PensionBee Advertorial – Peanut App

PensionBee Divorce Advertorial.png

PensionBee Advertorial Two – Peanut App

PensionBee Advertorial Two.png

PensionBee Advertorial Three– Peanut App

PensionBee Advertorial 3.png

07 Are you next?

Show Your Worth With Words that Work as Hard as You 💪

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