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Gourmet Tart Co Hamper - Keshia Sophia Photography

Gourmet Tart Co


01 The Client

Gourmet Tart Co is a Galway-based family-run artisanal bakery woven into the fabric of the local community. Their reach extends across six cafe locations within Galway city where they supply French-inspired breads and pastries, Irish bakes, homemade cakes, pantry items, ready-made meals, and their signature almond croissants. 

And they started it all in 2001, selling cakes from an ironing board at Limerick's Milk Market. 

02 The Brief

In 2020, Gourmet Tart Co made the move to expand their business from pastries and meals into a full-scale online hamper business.

Built on an ethos of spreading kindness and human connection, this new venture ensured the security of their employee's jobs while providing many more in an unstable environment. Owners Michelle and Fintan, take pride in their skilled workforce—many of the producers within their bakery have worked alongside Fintan for many years.

Michelle also wanted to bring the community element of Gourmet Tart into homes and help people show love and care through the connection of food. She wanted options that covered all gatherings, from birthdays and Christmas to intimate wine dates and movie nights with the family. 

Emphasise that Gourmet Tart produces the majority of their own food. Gourmet Tart Co hampers are not simply outsourced or systematically put together.


With the almost instantaneous demand for the hampers, Gourmet Tart needed a complete overhaul of their website and social media presence.

Deliverables include product and brand photography in the form of headshots and lifestyle shots, promotional copy for campaigns and product launches, and full website copy. 

03 The Project Beats


Empathetic, Fun, Approachable, 

Supportive, Encouraging, Reassuring, Witty, and personable. 


Family-focused. The target audience is families and friends who lived far from eachother and want to share connection.


There's a level of care and a true hands-on approach that Gourmet Tart Co offers. This was extremely important to weave throughout the website and product descriptions.


Bring a taste of Gourmet Tart and its community feel to homes across Ireland.

Emphasise the inclusion of local handmade products in the spirit of #supportlocal

Build communities remotely and raise awareness of Gourmet Tart's brand.

04 Challenges

Keeping Copy Fresh 🌱

Because of the nature of delivery, much of Gourmet Tart's fresher products could not be included. The challenge was to frame the same core (popular) products in new ways for each season and campaign. 

Product copy needed to showcase the uniqueness of each hamper, even if products overlapped. 

Saturated Market 🎁

The pandemic and lockdown triggered a boom in online hamper businesses. Not only was Gourmet Tart competing against long-established competitors with extensive products, it was also competing against new online stores from similar businesses. 

Beyond delicious homemade bakes, Gourmet Tart Co's appeal is its community and family-friendly reputation. Its restaurant in Salthill was a regular go-to spot for families, friends, and the elderly community to meet over brunch. It was also a common spot for customers to order and take away bakes and scones for home gatherings. 

Their customers didn't care for new, unique products; they loved the consistency and the community. This formed the core sentiment of all messaging for Gourmet Tart's web copy. 


Over almost two decades, Gourmet Tart earned a reputation for several distinct products they became recognisable for. I leaned into this history, turning my attention to the often-overlooked packaged items that were handmade with the same devotion. Focusing on the same core principles of 'handmade', 'family favourites,' and 'made locally' helped this transition. 

The decision was made early on to focus on the real people behind every product—the long-term employees who made the items right alongside Fintan, the local businesses Gourmet Tart championed, and Michelle and Fintan's own family. Highlighting that each hamper product was hand-chosen by Michelle or inspired by their own family gatherings was just some of the ways we differentiated their online business from competitors. 

We also offered absolute transparency with pricing and products, reflected in the brand photography. Images chosen were clear, bright, and rooted in Gourmet Tart's signature colours and human-focused ethos

As the business evolved—which it did with remarkable success—Michelle's why remained a compass for all copy and content: to spread kindness and foster community and connection. 

05 Strategy

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