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01 The Brand Partnership

Note: This was a brand partnership under contract with Peanut App—a safe community for women navigating pregnancy, parenting, and natural life stages.

Bloomsbury Publishing is a global independent publishing house on a mission to inform, entertain, and inspire readers of all ages and backgrounds. They champion a life-long love of reading and learning, seeking to build a reading culture that benefits society

Using World Book Day and Children's Mental Health Awareness Week as a springboard, Bloomsbury wanted to tap into Peanut's extensive community of parents to promote their latest releases—Billy's Bravery and the Let's Talk Series—and highlight the importance of reading for promoting mental health. 

02 The Brief

The brief was two-fold, encompassing two book releases and various forms of copy. 

World Book Day Newsletter: Dressing up as favourite book characters is a core part of World Book Day to promote reading and give children the opportunity (and confidence) to make their own choices. Reinforce Tom Percival’s Big Bright Feeling series as the perfect way to celebrate this tradition while promoting his newest release Billy's Bravery.  

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week Advertorial: Children’s mental health issues and anxiety are the biggest areas of concern for parents around education and well-being. Showcase how both the Big Bright Feelings and Molly Potter's Let's Talk series helps parents have healthy discussions with children early and develop their emotional intelligence. 

03 The Project Beats


Confident, empowering, inspiring, empathetic, clear, informative, uplifting, fun


Confident and clear consumer messaging to the parent market.

Strong messaging to show how the Let’s Talk… series can fulfil a gap in the market and support parents/carers with children’s mental health, especially as this is a big area of concern for parents. 


Amplify WBD and use as an opportunity to bring the Big Bright Feelings series to new audiences. 

Launch the Let’s Talk series using the fresh look and format as an opportunity to build brand awareness. 

Promote £1 book vouchers. 


04 Challenges

Hitting multiple CTAs 🤹

For the newsletter, the desired action was to follow Bloomsbury's chosen influencer on Instagram and purchase Billy's Bravery with the WBD voucher.


For the advertorial, the desired action was to purchase one or both promoted books and increase awareness for each series—achieving an uplift in sales in parent demographic

Balancing Promotional Language with Empathy 🫶

The core of Peanut App is maintaining a safe community of women for women to find advice and support across life stages.


The company is protective of their audience, ever mindful and empathetic. I had to strike the right balance between converting and nurturing the Peanut mom community. 

Staying On-Brand (For Both Brands) 🖌️

Peanut's tone is casual, relatable, and witty. They favour a BFF vibe that is raw, real, and empowering to all women.


Bloomsbury is encouraging, approachable, and educational using language that appeals to children and carers/parents but ultimately informs. 

Newsletter 💌


The intention of dressing up for World Book Day is to promote self-confidence and self-assurance in young children. Sure enough, Billy's Bravery centres on a little boy who builds up the courage to dress up as his favourite female superhero.


Knowing that Peanut promotes inclusivity, pushes back against restrictive gender roles, and celebrates empowerment, leaning into this narrative of self-belief in the face of judgement felt on-brand—and relevant to Peanut moms.


Code-switching the language to be more child-friendly made it familiar and relevant to moms of young children, allowing the tone to drift into more fun and youthful territory akin to the Bloomsbury style. 

Advertorial 📝

Bloomsbury wanted the article to have clear messaging to explain the role both series can fulfil, the benefits of the series for children’s mental health and how parents can incorporate these into a reading routine. 

As part of its mission, Peanut prides itself on providing women with access to information and invaluable advice. 

Leaning into the Peanut motto of "we're having the conversation", I framed the article around using both series to spark conversations with kids from a young age—enlisting studies on how reading specifically benefits emotional intelligence. My approach was to weave Peanut's greater mission of providing "a safe space to find friendship and be vulnerable" into the finer points of the Bloomsbury brief.

05 Strategy

Reading Digital Book



Billy's Bravery — Newsletter

Billy's Bravery - Newsletter.png

Bloomsbury Advertorial – Peanut App

Bloomsbury Advertorial.png

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