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Even When Your Energy is Elsewhere

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Picture a strategic salesperson with the energy and empathy to back your business 24/7 


Your website is so much more than a placeholder. It's your digital storefront—your virtual HQ, where the people you serve gain affirmation that you're their best fit.

But without the right words, that back button may just be outshining your brilliance. Not the energy you're going for.

Now, picture your website backed by deep insights into your target audience and infused with your personality. Imagine every page energized with persuasive language that honours your business in words your audience understands

Copywriting is that dreamy blend of empathy and strategy that strips all doubt from your prospect's mind, turning your website into your most powerful marketer. 


Your venture
returns value when...

☑︎ You feel empowered to talk about your services and expertise

☑︎ You have a consistent brand voice that fits your personality and speaks to your clients

☑︎ You're clear on your vision and honour the details that make your business unique

☑︎ You have a creative partner who takes the time and care to get your wording right

☑︎ Your website strikes the balance between emotive storytelling and sales copy

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Delicate Fabric

Word on the Street

"I cannot put into words how much I recommend Keshia! She has helped take me to the next level! I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed, and now I have clarity and, honestly, hope.


I had all of these ideas, and she put them into words and actions better than I could have dreamed."

Dr. Paige Enwright, Discover Chiropractic

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Freelance Copywriting and Photography Services

Wanted: A stirring digital storefront that feels in total alignment with you

Shelve the bromarketing playbook and skyrocket your confidence with services that help you show up and make the positive impact you envision. 

Website Copywriting

Make a lasting impression with website copy guided by human behaviour, user experience, and empathy. All the ingredients to showcase your domain as the place for your best-fit clients to find exactly what they've been looking for. 

Content Writing

Building brand awareness, fostering community, getting your webpage ranking higher on the search page—SEO content writing is a big deal. Need some well-researched evergreen content to inform and inspire? I've got you. 

Copy à la Carte

One-size-fits-all content and copy? There's no one like you, so let's get you the right fit. Combine services or dip your toe with a stand-alone web page, you tell me. P.S. I rock a mean retainer.

Brand Photography

The right imagery can amplify your website copy in profound ways. Especially when fully aligned with the brand story that informs it. From portraits to product shots, give your website a headstart with The Copy Therapist's holistic approach. 


How It Works

It all starts with a zero-pressure clarity call

You share your why, wants, and who you're selling to, and I find the right blend of services to turn the noise in your mind into clear, crisp airwaves you can ride with confidence. 

Whether it's a niche service to fill in the blanks or a package of the works, it all follows the same beats 

The Copy Therapist Approach

A thoughtful fusion of creativity, strategy, and conversion copy that transforms your narrative into your client's favourite story


(Re)search and Gather

Before I channel your unique voice, I need to become one with it. Cue the creative brief.


You share your values, nuances, and differentiators, and I'll decipher your desired clients' language with well-honed message mining.

The result? All the insights needed to finetune a powerful brand voice and conversion copy that fits your pitch exactly.

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Now Booking Summer 2024

What Can You Expect?

Not only will you walk away confidently articulating your mission, you'll receive every deliverable in a way that leaves you excited to share it with the world. 

Obsessively drafted copy guided by in-depth research and elevated with storytelling elements

Web pages consistently  infused with your unique tone of voice and personality

Attentiveness to your website design, branding, and the online user experience

Strategic consulting around your offers in  line with VoC data and conversion optimisation

A conversion-informed wireframe expertly attuned to your audience's behaviour

An elegant display of empathetic copy written for humans but tweaked with SEO best practices

Take your next
step with confidence

Swipe through and get the answers you need to make the right choice for you. For everything else there's always a clarity call

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☑︎ What do you do that makes you different

Let's be real: I'm not the first natural-born writer who found a calling outside of journalism. And I'm certainly not the first copywriter with an honours degree in English, media studies, and philosophy (though maybe with film theory). Or who's qualified in digital marketing. 


I, too, love psychology, am an introvert, and nurse a coffee addiction. But there's one word clients use for me repeatedly: teammate. 

I approach every project with the same energy, enthusiasm, and heart as I would my own. I want to see you confident. I want to see you thrive. And as a fellow female solopreneur, I want you to find your voice and use it to make waves. 

It's a privilege to hear your vision and have a front-row seat to your mission. Helping you tap into your authenticity, steal back time, and step into your brand power inspires me to do this.

So let's do it. 

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Free Web Copy Review

Ready to swap cold calls for warm leads?

Let's get you clued in and clear before you inquire with a short and snappy copy audit. 

One webpage. One informed approach to meeting your goals. 

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