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Empowering creative entrepreneurs to own their voices, take up space, and turn their websites into a rallying call for the clients who need them most. 

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I'm Keshia, a website copywriter first, a photographer second, and a hype woman 24/7.


I see the potential in everything—most of all, people. Nothing hits me harder than seeing capable individuals overlooked for louder options. How many of us have felt unseen, unheard, or under pressure to say exactly the right thing to avoid losing our shot? 

My mission is to help creative entrepreneurs aching to make an impact get out there and do it. Not by slipping into an ill-fitting sales suit but by tapping into their authentic voice empowered with words that resonate. 

In every aspect of the work I do, my aim is always to embolden and inspire someone—whether it's you, your audience, or, better yet, both. 

And everything I learn, every skill I stack, is for that purpose. 




 Skills & Qualifications

Human behaviour is not finite.
It’s endlessly fascinating

What works for one website won’t work on the other. One audience’s affirmation is another’s ick. And relying on personas and plug-and-plays is a recipe for… crickets. For all the formulas and structures, individuality matters most in copywriting. 


So, what exactly powers my approach? Learning is a need, research is reflex, and finding surprising connections is my weird little superpower.


Really, this section should just say: curiosity. But the logical decision-maker needs something more tangible, so here’s a neat highlight reel that only skims the surface. And an open invitation to tap on my door should you want to explore deeper. 

The Training Reel

Honours BA in Film Studies, English, and Philosophy 

AKA Where I refined my research skills and storytelling techniques 

Highlights: Transmedia storytelling, media studies, persuasive writing, critical thinking, digital storytelling, visual culture, convergence culture, film production, and film form. 

Diploma in Digital Marketing 

AKA Where I dove deeper into consumer behaviour and marketing strategy

Highlights: Content marketing, email marketing, writing for the web, social media and PR, consumer behaviour, and SEO. 

3+ Years of Contractor and In-House Writing

AKA Where I learned first-hand how to strategise and implement for big brands

Highlights: Brand partnerships, differentiating digital storefronts, e-commerce, YMYL content, advertorials, ad copy, and more

Copy School Certifications

AKA Where I continue to sharpen my conversion copywriting tools

Highlights: Message mining, brand voice development, decision-making modalities, wireframing, the seven sweeps, headlines, and VoC. 

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Why are you called The Copy Therapist?

In my experience, a great therapist empowers you. 

They listen to your nuances, prescribe tools based on your unique needs, and lend support as you learn to use them confidently.  They are a partner and a guide, holding space for you to strengthen your voice. That same empathy, empowerment, and encouragement form the soul of The Copy Therapist. 

Sure, I could say I 'soothe pain points' or 'heal copy'. The truth is, The Copy Therapist keeps my mission and approach front and centre—I wear my investment in your growth on my sleeve.


Because it's not about me. Even this page is not about me. It's designed for you to find me (like every good About Me page should be).  Am I qualified to actually provide therapy sessions? No (really, no). But I am qualified to help you improve your communication with your dream clients in a way that secures you lasting, meaningful connections. 

And I also  'soothe pain points' and 'heal copy'.

Keshia Sophia Covers.png

The Copy Therapist Way

Align • Attune • Attract

Align your messaging


Attune to your audience

Attract lasting connections

The Copy Therapist Values

Keshia Roelofs _ The Copy Therapist

Are we on the same page? 

Where shared values meet, trust and alignment follow. And that's where the real magic happens. So, tell me, are we singing from the same hymn sheet?

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Is Summer 2024 when your website starts backing your business?

What Makes Me Tick


It takes a human to appreciate a human and the real talk makes our collaboration so much more frutiful. Let's break the ice before our first call...

Go-To Mode of Communication:

Messages peppered with emojis and gifs—love gifs.

Known for: 

Being a cliché introvert with an uncanny ability to make anyone feel comfortable being their weird selves.

Big believer in: 

Boundaries and autonomy.

Just not into: 

Gatekeeping, belittling, or exploiting.

Obsessed with:

Personal growth and development. Trauma-informed therapy, positive psychology, behavioural science, coaching—name it, I'm in.

Described as:

Warm, witty, and supportive.


Photography, painting, museums, road trips, and coffee dates.

Never not:

Learning or researching something. Addicted to upskilling.

Delicate Fabric

And You Are...


Highly self-aware and often in tune with people's needs

Let's Connect

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Free Web Copy Review

Ready to swap cold calls for warm leads?

Let's get you clued in and clear before you inquire with a short and snappy copy audit. 

One webpage. One informed approach to meeting your goals. 

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