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About Keshia Sophia

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I am an SEO content writer, brand storyteller, and photographer driven to create empowering content. 

Content with integrity. 

The kind that lights a fire, opens up avenues and gets women feeling comfortable causing discomfort – whatever it takes to encourage you to take up space and honour your authentic self. 

I write the content I needed as a developing woman, open to impression, and battling abuse. I write from the perspective of my own trauma recovery as I carve a path of wellness and peace. 

I write to share the lessons and insights that keep my boundaries and mind healthy. 

And I love to write—creatively, academically, critically, compassionatelySharing raw, authentic experiences to help others enrich their lives is my why. 

My intention is to help you realise and claim yours. 

Are you in? 

Keshia Sophia Library

What Keshia Sophia can offer your brand

Compelling content that has the power to reach an audience, dig down deep into their soul, and motivate them to take action.

This is not just marketing technique and formula, it's putting the human at the heart of every sentence and helping people connect for the purpose of betterment. 

Most importantly, I will use your brand voice to spark my words to life while giving your audience substance.

Why the Copy Therapist?

"A great therapist listens, works to understand, holds compassion, and provides tools and resources to empower the individual sustainably

In my experience words can do more harm than good in marketing, especially for women. Let's change that shall we?"

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The Copy Therapist strives to counteract harmful content and soothe pain points with compassion, integrity, and a view to empower.

We provide women easy access to actionable content that helps them make informed decisions that support their autonomy (at any life stage). 

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