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My name is Keshia Sophia, I'm here to find you the right words to help you reach and resonate with your desired audience. 


I'm a health and well-being writer first, a visual artist second, and a hype woman 24/7.


I see the potential in everything—most of all, people.


It's why I love bringing visions to fruition. 

My mission is to help people yearning to enrich and uplift others get themselves out there. 

In every aspect of the work I do, my aim is always to empower and inspire someone—whether it's you, your audience, or, better yet, both. 

And everything I learn, every skill I stack, is for that purpose. 

What Drives Me



Fostering a sense of belonging is the driving force of my writing. It's what invites conversation, builds bridges, and helps me appreciate your uniqueness—the essence of great brand storytelling.  



Openness, honesty, accountability—call it what you will, there's something to be said for those who own their actions. We're all capable of having an impact, and we can choose how empowering it is. 



Creating content that reaches wide and helps people feel connected is not a sales pitch; it's a possibility. Because your words can do that (they might just need a little help).



You know that niggling need to explore the unknown. Curiosity challenges assumptions and craves new perspectives. I've a thirst for research, knowledge, listening, and sharing. 


Creating safe spaces 

Everyone deserves space to grow, explore, (gasp) make mistakes, and unpack their purpose. I truly believe it's the secret sauce to a fulfilling life, and I'm here for creating more. 


Personal growth

There's no such thing as finding yourself because there's no final version of you to find. We're only ever the summary of our experiences and self-work. Uncovering new ideas, strengths, skills, passions, and values is what living is all about. 

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Let's break the ice before our first call 😉

Who Am I?

I live in Galway and love it's closeness to woodland, sea and mountains. 🌊

I'm a total introvert (with an INFP personality type). ✨

I studied film theory and was raised by American cinema (you may hear it in my accent) 🎞

I'm obsessed with personal growth and development. Trauma-informed therapy, positive psychology, behavioural science, coaching—name it, I'm in. 🙌

Since losing our GSD Kobe, my partner & I channel our loss into helping dogs, including fostering and photographing rescues. 🐕 

My downtime looks like photography, painting, art galleries, and coffee dates 📷

And you are...

Deeply passionate about enhancing the lives of others?

Obsessed with sharing tools and insights that empower? 

On your own journey of growth and development?

I can't wait to connect with you!

I work with experts across the health and well-being space: 

  • Life coaches

  • Therapists

  • Dog trainers

  • Yoga Teachers

  • Health Practitioners

  • Massage or Physical Therapists

  • Naturopaths

  • Mindfulness Experts

  • Dietitian or Nutritionists

  • Counselors

Simply put, if you're creative, curious, and innately people-focused, we've a lot to talk about!

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