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High-Touch Website Copy

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Stuck on time and the right words to say? 

It's not you. Standing out as a small business is hard. The digital space is busy, audience attention is slippy, and there's a new marketing must-do daily (seriously?). ​


You know you can make an impact, but knowing what to say and how to say it in a way that gets you seen is leaving you stuck. And on top of all the other things you have to learn or handle, social media feels more like a money pit than an opportunity to connect. 


You’ve invested far too much to stay overworked, underbooked, and overlooked

A one-person-team you might be, but you don't have to keep choosing between raising funds and keeping your business open. You've got a digital storefront at your fingertips, packed with the potential to back you up even on the days you're feeling less... promotable. 

Pay no mind to the savvy social marketers circling your feed, you're not doing sales wrong.


You're grounded in what feels right to you. The marketing world isn't designed for the solo creative entrepreneur. So, how about we level the playing field with personalised sales copy that aligns with your values, speaks to your audience, and has the competence to support your business even when you’re needed offline. 

I've got you from here. 

The 'Who' Behind the Words

Keshia Sophia Roelofs

Keshia Sophia

I'm an ethical website copywriter influenced by brand storytelling and intent on helping creative entrepreneurs secure a digital space that pulls their best-fit people in. 

I turn those exceptional ideas scattered in your mind into words that attract, engage, and inspire action—saving you time (and headspace).

I've been building my copywriting toolbox since 2020, supporting the marketing efforts of start-ups, SMEs, SaaS, multi-national companies, and solo ventures alike. My copy has resonated with audiences across hospitality, women's health, parenting, finance, and even wedding planning. 

So, really, no matter your vision, if you're eager to make an impact but lack the support, I've got the words, skills, and motivation to help you make it happen.

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☑︎ Know your best-fit client but not the words to attract them

☑︎Have the ideas and the strategy but need help with the execution

☑︎ Wish to be seen as a go-to in your niche and have your value realised

☑︎ Want to get your name out but without the sales ick

☑︎ Are ready to amplify your voice and harness a website that backs your mission

You're in the right place if you... 


☑︎ Believe in yourself and your business but struggle to self-promote


Crafted with empathy,
Driven by strategy

You don’t need to sound salesy to sell

Even when you’re struggling to get in front of warm leads. 

Even when you’re feeling buried under the competition. 

And yes, even when you need time back to handle all the other tasks that keep your business running. 

Aggressive, sleazy sales tactics are not your vibe.

But guess what? They're not your only avenue.

Your website can be your most efficient, empathetic salesperson if you let it. 

It’s exactly what copywriting was made for.

Delicate Fabric

Word on the Street

"Keshia introduced me to the concept of copywriting and its value. By taking the time to get to know our brand, she provided content that has undoubtedly directly increased our sales."

Michelle Hyland, Gourmet Tart Company

Where Copywriting Meets Brand Storytelling

Turn your website into a digital you who speaks your dream clients' language fluently

Successful web pages say all the right things in all the right places and not by happy accident. It's what happens when you back persuasive writing with behavioural insights and structure it with care for the online user experience. It's conversion copywriting in a nutshell. 

But you're not just here to make conversions. You want connections. And you want to keep your unique voice intact. Me, too. 

The Copy Therapist is rooted in the belief that your voice matters; it just needs to be empowered. Using the emotive power of storytelling and proven conversion copy techniques is how we give your website the relevance and empathy to matter to your best-fit clients. 


The Copy Therapist Experience

Step into your marketing power and take up space with the support of :


Bespoke copy attuned to your business's needs

A copywriter's effectiveness lies in their capacity to research, listen, and shift perspectives. Empathy is far from a buzzword, and formulas are only ever guides. 

I make space for your nuances, dig deep into your audience, and use only the tools your needs require. And I'll give you support and transparency throughout the entire process. 

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Now Booking Summer 2024


The Copy Files

Real-world examples of ethical copy in action.

Website Copywriting Services

Resonate with your dream clients and inspire them to say yes

And Then There's Brand Photography

A lasting impression from the first click

People buy from businesses they trust. 

It's a tall order when you're online, but utterly possible when you've got a cohesive set of professional images that weave one story throughout: Your story. The one your website copy and brand messaging is already telling.  

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Free Web Copy Review

Ready to swap cold calls for warm leads?

Let's get you clued in and clear before you inquire with a short and snappy copy audit. 

One webpage. One informed approach to meeting your goals. 

The Copy Pad

How can you play to your strengths when your brain's stuck switching tabs?

Take a leaf through my Copy Pad and get actionable web copy tips that make the long game more tangible without overwhelming your plate.

Repeat after me: "spam is not my jam". I've got you. 

You're in! Let's get you some wins.

Fluff-free web content tips straight to your inbox?

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