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Now Booking Mar & April 2024

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Go from overlooked to booked with web copy that speaks volumes 📣

Gourmet Tart Co • Peanut App • The Bump • The Knot • Discover Chiropractic

Stuck on time and the right words to say? 

It's not just you. Standing out as a solo business is hard. The digital space is bu-sy, consumer attention is slippy, and there's a new content tip every day (seriously). ​

You know your community is out there, you know you can make an impact, but knowing what to say and how to say it in a way that gets you seen is leaving you stuck. 

That's why I'm here: to help you with words that stand out, connect with your ideal clients, and communicate your value with confidence. ✨


And it starts with clarifying your messaging. 

I've got you from here 🫶

01 About

Keshia Sophia Roelofs

Keshia Sophia

A website copywriter and photographer, helping busy solopreneurs get clear on their messaging and build a tribe that can thrive from the difference they make. 🙌

I turn your exceptional ideas into words that attract, engage, and inspire action—saving you time (and sanity).

I've been building my copywriting toolbox since 2020 for a diverse range of businesses—start-ups, SMEs, multi-national companies, solo ventures—in industries like hospitality, femtech, publishing, women's health, parenting, and even wedding planning. 

So really, no matter your vision—if you're eager to make a difference but lack the clarity, I've got the words and skills to help you make it happen. ✍️


Have the ideas and the strategy but need help with execution

Know your audience but not the words to reach them

Need help getting your knowledge on paper and polished for the right platform

Want to be seen as the expert in your niche and have your voice heard

Are ready to elevate your digital presence and start building a community

You're in the right place if you... 

02 Who I Work With

03 Word on the Street

"Keshia introduced me to the concept of copywriting and its value. By taking the time to get to know our brand, she provided content that has undoubtedly directly increased our sales."

Michelle Hyland, Gourmet Tart Company

"I cannot put into words how much I recommend Keshia! She has helped take me to the next level! I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed, and now I have clarity and, honestly, hope. I had all of these ideas, and she put them into words and actions better than I could have dreamed."

Dr. Paige Enwright, Discover Chiropractic

Working at Wooden Table

Want to stand out?

Three years working in-house, freelance, and across multiple brand partnerships have taught me that the most impactful words for a business come in four core forms. 

A low-key flex? Absolutely 💪

More importantly, it's straight facts baby 🤓

Relatable Web Copy 👏

Claim back time and headspace with personality-fueled website copy that backs your business 24/7!

Empowering Blogs and Long Form 🤩

Build your credibility and snag some organic traffic in the process with well-researched long-form that sounds just like you. Picture ChatGBT but better equipped (and less generic)

Emails with Personality ✨

Stand out in their inbox with clickworthy emails that inspire meaningful action and maximise your appeal.

Attractive Lead Magnets ✨

Distill your knowledge and unique approach into captivating content that not only attracts but genuinely connects and converts.

04 How I can help you

Now Booking Mar & April 2024

05 Photography

And then there's the brand photography 📸

You know images have power, but snagging ones where you feel (a) comfortable, (b) confident, and (c) excited to share it everywhere—that seems a little, well, wishful. 

And it can be until you stumble upon someone who gets the stage fright, channels back empowering energy, and loves nailing WOW shots (yes plural) that hits a, b, c, and then some. Just look at these beaming, baddies below👇 


Lead the way fearless leader 🤘 I'm right behind you 💯


06 subscribe

Coming soon: Brand and content tips straight to your inbox 😍

I've got you! Stay tuned 👀

While I conjure up a newsletter worth dropping and unlocking, catch tips and deets in real-time on Insta ✨

Repeat after me: "spam is not my jam". I've got you. 

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