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The Copy Pad

Keshia Sophia The Copy Pad

Welcome to my pad

Finding techniques, how-tos, and resources that will better your web copy is a lot on top of your biz, but it's top of the list for mine 

Based on the real deal, my digital Copy Pad is packed with deep dives and insights into how to small brands can elevate their words to sky-high heights.


From video and podcast recommendations to free guides on brand storytelling, web copy must-haves, and all things 'YMYL' (and then some), you'll find it all here. 


Your brain is going to be so happy. 

Keshia Sophia

Currently Transcribing:

Swipe files, copy guides, resource recs—my notepad is heaving. Release is imminent! You won't want to miss it. 

Eager for the launch date?

Be the first to know 

Grateful for you! Stay tuned. 

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