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Brands & Businesses Who Care

Transform your domain into an enriching space filled with content that makes your audience want more. 

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This is not keyword-stuffed content designed to tick boxes. 

This is storytelling with clarity

Carefully crafted copy inspired by your vision and cultivated to carry your chosen reader on a journey with you. 

Empathy builds connection but clarity breeds confidence. 

Getting clear about your messaging and learning how to share it concisely is the secret to unabashed confidence—which we all know is captivating as hell. In fact not being able to effectively translate that exciting idea in your head into thought-provoking language may be the very thing holding you back. 

The struggle is real, and totally valid, but it doesn’t have to be permanent.

Brand Messaging

Have the words to express your brand with confidence


Be seen for what you do well and attract clients excited by your brand of solution


Full proof messaging you can utilise across platforms 


Convince audiences to take the leap from observer to participant in an instant

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"Keshia introduced me to the concept of copywriting and its value. By taking the time to get to know our brand, she provided content that has undoubtedly directly increased our sales.

Michelle Hyland, Gourmet Tart Company

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Consider the Copy Therapist your personal translator, taking your untamed, raw, unhinged ideas and shaping them into sentences that feel just as invigorating to read.

We fully observe every painstaking detail you’ve refined and give it a voice that sounds effortless, fluid, enticing—the kind that keeps those who hear it hooked on every word. 

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And all without compromising your authenticity

No cheesy sales copy

No blatant SEO 

No sleezy marketing tactics

Just clear, concise content that enriches and connects

Are you ready to take your brand further? 

Keshia Sophia Services

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Sound good?

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