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Kobe German Shepherd

Dog Photography

Dogs don’t just have unique personalities–they have an energy.


I’m not talking that insatiable drive to do all the stuff; this is a unique essence each dog brings to their immediate vicinity.


You know it when you feel it.


I’ve been around dogs all my life: as a ‘sibling’, a foster parent, a pet sitter, a roommate, a companion, a handler, and, most recently, an owner.


Being a dog mom to a German Shepherd is a lesson in resilience, innovation, and self-awareness—and Kobe gave me plenty of learning opportunities.


He was a German Shepherd with that little bit extra: super smart, wicked loud, and overflowing with personality.


But it was his energy that drew my camera to him and unlocked my lens to the world of dog photography.


Kobe is no longer here, but his energy stays with me.


It keeps my camera going, ready to capture that special spark a dog lover knows all too well so they may keep it for a lifetime.


And better yet, share it with the world.

Keshia and Kobe
Keshia Sophia Roelofs

Dog Photography Sessions

As a dog photographer, I work with dog trainers, dog owners, and sanctuaries in Galway, Ireland, and beyond.  

My approach is shaped by first-hand experience with rescues, working breeds, and reactive dogs. Simply put your dog's comfort and security come first. 

And their sense of fun.  

With a little patience, an outside location that best fits their vibe, and some well-timed positive reinforcement, I'll capture lasting images of your canine best friend you can cherish for years to come.

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